Hair Extensions

Award Winning Training at THE BELLE ACADEMY using Glamorous lengths hair

Whether you would like hair extensions for your special wedding day, any other occasion or you’ve just always wanted longer thicker hair, I am now offering this service. Prior to your hair extensions appointment, a full consultation will be carried out at the first visit and this is where I will colour match your hair and talk through your desired end results whether you would like:

Balayage Fashion Slices

The appropriate attachment method will be discussed and chosen together.

A non-refundable deposit will be taken at this consultation to purchase your new hair either using the Russia Range, Pure Range or Athena Hair, you won’t necessarily need a full head of hair extensions as I can tailor the extensions to the look you want to achieve.

I use the latest modern hair extensions techniques applications like Ultrasonic cold fusion, Micro Rings or Nano Rings, Fusion bonding, Easy Shrinks or a Nano-Ring semi-permanent Celebrity Weft depending on your hair density and strength. Once the extensions are added the new hair will be razor cut in to blend with your natural hair and the correct aftercare advice will be given to you on how to look after and manage your extensions with the best products, shampoo, condition, brushes and techniques for styling, the aftercare is very important as the extensions take a lot of extra care and attention.

Repositioning your hair extensions will be advised every 4 to 6 weeks, this is where your extensions will be taken out and your natural hair will be washed, then your extension will be repositioned back at the roots to avoid any matting, knotting or clumping together. The same hair can be used over and over until it starts to look tired and dual. The repositioning and hair extension application will be charged at a £45 hourly rate. This doesn’t include the purchase of the hair extension.

For any more information please get in touch and ask me any questions


Eyelash extensions are truly addictive, amazing and they really open up the eyes. You don’t need or can’t use mascara with them and after 24 hours of the glue seting.  They are 100% waterproof. To help with their longevity, you must keep anything oily away from them as this weakens the glue and makes them lift. It is also important not to rub, pick or sleep on them.

Individual Hollywood 1:1 Classic Semi-Permanent Lashes

These are the most common eyelash extensions, were one lash is applied to one of your own lashes by isolating each lash strand and then the new lash is applied on top of your own and the false lash will grow down with your natural lash and naturally fall out with your own eyelashes 3 months shedding cycle. Infills can be done every 2-3 weeks when your new hair starts to grow through and this will keep your eyelashes looking great.

These lashes are slightly thicker than your natural lashes (0.15mm to 0.20mm) and come in various curls. Different materials can be used such as synthetic, mink or silk and these can take up to 2 hours to be applied and last 2-4 weeks depending on how fast your lashes grow and how well you look after them. The Classic lashes are great for clients who already have volume and want that extra length or curl.

Prices for Classic eyelash extensions
Full set……… £40
Maintenance …….£30

Russian/Volume/XD/3D-6D/Semi-Permanent Lashes

Russian lashes are the latest tread and the reason why they are they give you volume and look ultra glam but still look natural.

The same technique is applied where the natural lash is isolated but, instead of applying one new lash, a fan of 2-6 are applied to your natural lash. These hairs are thinner than the classic lashes at 0.07mm so are very light to wear, meaning you will have no damage to your natural lashes. A good technician will make their own fans themselves and won’t use pre-made fans as you would end up with too much glue at the base and they would look clumpy and unnatural.

These lashes are great for clients with sparse lashes as you get a fluffier finish and because they are more lightweight last longer than the Classic lashes. They take up to 3 hours to apply

Prices for Russian eyelash extension
Full set……£45